16 – 21?

page contains help and support links and information for young people between the ages of 16 and 21, – and sometimes older.   Not all of it will interest everyone, but it will be regularly added to and updated, and hopefully if you want help, advice, to join a forum of young people, or whatever – you will soon find it here.  If you have aThis ny links you would like to put in here – then please e-mail the info to caradoc.who2@ntlworld.com  Most links work directly from this page – others just type in to your search bar and all should be well

Uploaded on 18.6.08 – the latest version of the Wallich Survivors Handbook.  If you have problems with homelessness etc, and other things, maybe you can find some help here?  Click the following link:


http://www.1in4-forum.org/ –  online discussion forum for young people with mental health issues.   I am having trouble getting this link to work, but the site IS at this address so just type it in and you’ll get there.   Hmm, I think it is working now.

www.thecalmzone.net  – a helpline for men aged 15 – 35.  Also on 0800-585858.

www.SupportLine.org.uk – provides info to anyone suffering with mental illness or caring for someone suffering with mental illness.  Also on 020-8554-9004

www.teenhelp.org – teenhelp provides advice from team of over 100 mentors through live help, email, support groups and a chatroom.

www.there4me.co.uk – a helpline for 12 – 16 year olds.   Lotsa help and support.

www.youngminds.org.uk/   Young Minds – a part of the MIND mental health organisation.   Just type into the search bar…

www.youth2youth.co.uk/  Youth2Youth – provides a confidential telephone, email and online chat helpline run by young people for young people.  Also on 020 8896 3675

www.youthaccess.org.uk – information, advice, counselling, support for young people.   Also on 020 8772 9746

www.mentalhealthwales.net/website/english.php   Mental Health Wales – link should work 0r just type into search..

www.akt.org.uk  Albert Kennedy Trust – support for GLBT young people.

www.bullying.co.uk  excellent site dealing with bullying.

www.bullyonline.org/stress/selfharm.htm   Just what it says on the tin…. 

www.queeryouth.org.uk  LGBT alliance 4 gay youth in the UK.   Lotsa info. 

www.ocdyouth.info/youngpeople/   Feeling controlled by compulsions?   Help and info here.

That’s enough 4 today -more coming soon – if you find any broken links then mail me @ caradoc.who2@ntlworld.com. – and also if you have any comments for me.  

www.nshn.co.uk/index.html   National Self Harm Network.  Loads of resources. 

www.selfharm.org/index.html   Interesting site & Forum.


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