Forum at The Sessions House, Usk


We usually meet in the Library.   Details of this meeting are:


Participation Network and Forum  

First, an apoplogy for the sudden cancellation of the meeting planned for 20th September.   This was due to problems in arranging transport, and I am sorry that people were disappointed that this could not be overcome.   However, the situation is likely to improve in the near future. 

The next meeting of the Network and Forum will take place at The Sessions House, Usk onWednesday 18th October, from 1.30 – 3.30pm.  There will be three main items on the Agenda which may encourage you to come and take part!                             


 1.  Housing and Homelessness in relation to Mental Health in Monmouthshire. 

( At present demand far exceeds resources – and this will be an opportunity for you to bring into discussion your experiences.  You may also want to take part in working on solutions to this situation.)  

2.   Self Support Groups.

 Why should you be interested?   What could they do for you?    

Come along – you might be surprised!

 3.  Evidencing the needs of service users through the use of Power Point and video. 

Let’s talk some more about this.

For further information tel Debbi or Tony on 01291673952 or e-mail: and


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