Service Improvements

Thanks for that Brat Prince, but I think you are being too fair to managers etc.   They are paid a lot of money to provide services for us, not cut them back.   If they want to spend their time finding ways of cutting services, then they should not be in the job of providing them.   We need people who can work out ways round a problem, instead of just deciding to cut something out and leave it there.

mack the knife. 


One Response to “Service Improvements”

  1. oberon92 Says:

    Well Mack, you could start by coming along to the Monmouthshire Mental Health Forum – that is if you don’t do so already, and say what you think there. We can invite managers and talk with them about this, and that way try to work together. How about it?
    Next meeting in Usk is on Wednesday 20th September at 1.30pm. See you there?

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