World Mental Health Day

Did the earth move for you?   The Monmouthshire MIND Drop-In’s at Abergavenny and Chepstow did their best and everyone who came in enjoyed themselves – and in Abergavenny shared a range of international food.   Chepstow wanted to do the same but lacking facilities to heat food decided that cold onion barjees would be put aside in favour of something more acceptable.   People were not aware of any other events taking place in Monmouthshire along the world theme of Risk Management and Suicide Prevention – and this seems to have been an opportunity lost.   An increasing number of parents and partners have reason to worry about the rise in suicide attempts and could have received supportative information.   Why didn’t it happen?   Both the Day and the Theme should have been of interest to all mental health professionals and voluntary workers and provided a focus for media attracting events in the County.   Ask those who provide your mental health services what they did to publicise the day, and let me know.

Let’s plan now to make next year different and challenge stigma, isolation and discrimination in the community and at work.

heather-no-chips.jpg   Heather did it……….  



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