An apology – and a comment.

Sorry that I have not updated for a while – and I will try to be more consistent about this over the coming weeks.   There is a lot going on around mental health in Monmouthshire and this has also needed attention.   The Network and Forum meeting held at Usk on 18th October was particularly well attended, with representatives from all the drop-ins in the County.   Although Mike Collins, Borough Manager, was unable to attend as hoped, he was represented by Julie Boothroyd and Terry Williams.   The discussion concerning Integrated Services, the development of the Project Board, and involvement of people receiving services was interesting and informative.   At the same time the discussion about the development of Assertive Outreach, and whether the funding for this is ‘new’ money or a recycling operation, was lively and questioning.   It is an important issue, coming as it does at a time when the Welsh Assembly Government says that it is spending additional money on mental health, and the NHS Trust is saying that there can be no expenditure on development, or new appointments.   People who need a range of mental health services are finding essential supports such as counselling, at a standstill, and others apparently being reduced yet again.   There has to be clarification about all of this – ‘Singing from the same Hymn Sheet?’ comes to mind.  

The notes of this meeting will soon be circulating in the form of a newsletter so that those without access to the internet can be kept informed.      

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