Jane’s MH Source page.

…….depression, bi-polar, mental health topics.

Sorry that there has been nothing new for the last few days but other urgent matters have taken up my time.   A friend sent this link to me recently, and it is a site with a huge amount of interesting information.    If you can’t sleep at night, then this may be the place for you.   Well worth a look, and give yourself sometime to move around it.



2 Responses to “Jane’s MH Source page.”

  1. James Kronefield Says:

    Nice site, but I couldn’t find anything about depression medications and their alternatives. Thanks though…

  2. oberon92 Says:

    Thanks for the comment James. I cannot offer specific information about medications but you could have a look at the link to the Royal College of Psychiatrists – which has a surprising amount of information. I don’t have the ability to offer guidance about alternative medication – I am afraid you will need to trawl the sites of alternative medicine and therapies to obtain that. If you come across something useful please send me the link and I will put it on this blog. All the best. Oberon.

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