New Year wishes

together.JPG                                     jet-portrait.JPG


I think New Year is usually brought to a house by a soot covered chimney sweep who is carrying bread and salt?   Afraid I can’t manage that.   Callenig, I am told, is a New Year apple, stuck with wheat and oats and evergreen leaves, and carried from house to house by the children.   I can’t manage that either, – but here is ‘good luck’ from a black (very black) cat.   Well, I think that really he is the lucky one, but you never know he may bring you some as well.   His name is Jet, and in the first photo his old friend is Oberon.   Old Year, New Year?  Maybe.


One Response to “New Year wishes”

  1. Debbi Says:

    I have survived the Christmas and New Year holiday, which I always find difficult. I would like to wish everyone a healthy and rewarding 2007 and hope to continue seeing loads of people at the Network Forum meetings. The more people attend the bigger our voice will be and hopefully we can make service providers sit up and listen!

    Take care

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