Mons Network & Forum

Understandably people are asking what happened to cause the cancellation at short notice of the January Network & Forum meeting.   It was simply that it was not possible to make arrangements for travel for those who do not have access to transport.   It would have meant that the meeting would have been attended by only two or three members,  and it seemed inconsiderate to ask them to make the effort with such a low attendance forecast.   This is always a difficult situation.   We are doing all that we can to link up people who do not have transport with those who do and are having some success with this.   The meeting due in February will go ahead whatever happens, and if you are able to offer transport to anyone wanting to travel from Abergavenny, 

Steam engine is fine – we can buy the coal…    steam-1.JPG 

Monmouth, Caldicot or Chepstow make contact directly with myself or Debbi, and we will be pleased to put you in touch.    We are able to pay mileage expenses for those who help in this way.   If you can help, while we are trying to sort out the difficulties, then please do as keeping the Network and Forum in operation is really important to achieving service improvements.   


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