If this rings a bell…….

Service users’ lives are still tainted by ignorance, prejudice and discrimination, and the government’s mental health proposals will do nothing to improve that. In fact, although members of the government maintain that their proposals will streamline mental health care, I believe the proposals will highlight who and where mental health service users are in the community. This will do nothing to stop the demonisation of people with mental health needs.”The administration of Community Treatment Orders (CTO) will see to that, especially if a posse of social workers with police backup arrive regularly at a certain flat. This will lay that person open to even more stigmatisation in their community, and perpetuate the false notion that crime or violence is a symptom of mental illness. The combined effect will be enough to prevent someone with a CTO from ever becoming socially integrated.”

This is an extract from Andrew’s story on the Mental Health Alliance website.   To read the complete account click on the MHA link and consider it for yourself.   Comments back will be very welcome. 


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