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St David’s day

February 26, 2007


                         Wear your daffodils with pride!



February 22, 2007

I would like to congratulate everyone who received certificates at the Network and Forum meeting yesterday.  They were well deserved. I would also like to thank Cllr Kay Peacock, Mayor of Usk for presenting the certificates.  I hope everyone enjoyed the occassion.

It was also really good to see so many people turn up for the meeting.  I appreciate the time people give and I believe that the great turn-out just goes to show how much interest there is in what is happening with mental health provision in the county at present.  The more people turn up the bigger and louder their voice is.

These meetings are important as it enables and empowers service users by giving them the chance to openly discuss the many changes that are occurring at the moment as well as enabling the health professionals to know what works and what doesn’t.  The meetings are also a useful source of information for everyone.

If you are unable to attend these monthly meetings then why not leave comments on this blog. Tell us which services you find useful and which ones don’t hit the grade.  Are there a lack of certain services or maybe too many of another? Would you like more information about a particular subject? If so let us know. If you don’t ask you don’t get!!

Take care

Eating Disorders Support Group

February 20, 2007

The next meeting for the Eating disorders Support Group is the Thursday 22nd March 2007 6.30pm – 8.30pm at Ty Bryn Unit, St Cadoc’s Hospital Caerleon Gwent.  For more information please contact Joy Jones, Specialist Eating Disorders Lead by telephone:   01633 436831 or by   

Email: or by

Post :      Joy Jones ,  Specialist Eating Disorders Lead
               Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust
               Ty Bryn Young Person’s Unit
               St Cadoc’s Hospital
               Gwent NP18 3XQ

       You will be very welcome

16 – 21 and maybe a little older?

February 20, 2007

New page under Pages on right hand side – mainly only for 16 – 21’s but in one case up to 35.   If you are 16 – 21 and wanting support or information or maybe a safe chat room with  other young people like yourself, then check these out.

Monmouthshire Mental Health Network and Forum

February 15, 2007

The next meeting of the Network and Forum will be held at The Sessions House, Usk on Wednesday 21st February, starting at 1.30pm.   As usual the meeting will be held in two parts.  During the Forum – 1.30 – 2.30pm the main speaker will be Mike Collins, Borough Manager, Adult Mental Health Services.   “New Service Model”.   There will also be an update from the Joint Commissioning Team.

The Network meeting – 2.45 – 4pm will include the election of a Chairperson; feedback on the Day Services Review, Speakeasy in Mons, Resource Room, dates of future meetings, and invitations to outside speakers.

At the end of the afternoon, around 3.30pm, Cllr Kay Peacock, Mayor of Usk, will present Certificates to those who recently completed Peer Advocacy training, and to those who attended Part 1 of the course.

Come along if you can – it should be an interesting and enjoyable afternoon.   All carers are welcome.  

Stigma – self examination – a start

February 12, 2007

Do YOU ‘dish out’ stigma??  What DO you mean?   Well, do you…

Avoid certain people because…they smell/talk too much/stutter/dress odd etc., 

and maybe

Keep clear of gays in case you get HIV…..

Feel that your depressed friend only needs to shake him/herself out of it,,,

Speak for your friend in groups because they won’t be able to….and before they can

Patronise someone with mental health issues…forgetting your own

Pretend to be attentive and listening when you want to…be far away

Make excuses for not inviting then to…anything that links them to you

Distrust all police…

Jeer at those who drive cautiously…walk oddly…slow to do something

Bully a less able person because you can – and then tell they can

Laugh at kids who are carers for their parent/s..

Well, do you?

Stigma, Discrimination and Human Rights

February 12, 2007

A chunk of serious reading on this link – but if you are really interested then its worth the effort.

Stigma – one point of view

February 12, 2007

Mental Health Care has published a free, downloadable leaflet on the subject of Stigma. Just go to their site, using this link,

and read the information for yourself. An extract follows:

Stigma and mental illness Stigma is best defined as three things: • Ignorance • Prejudice • Discrimination This section contains information about several ways in which stigma is experienced by people with mental health problems.  Mental Health Care has published an information leaflet on the topic of stigma, written by Professor Graham Thornicroft.

Is it stigma…

February 12, 2007

Is it stigma

-when your friends don’t ask you to go with them ‘in case it is too tiring for you?’

– when school friends don’t accept a second invitation to your home now they have met your mum/dad?

– your relatives explain away your ‘circumstances’ untruthfully?

– you need the support of an advocate to get your point of view heard?

– when you are forgiven most things ‘because of your problem?’

Workplace Bullying and harrassment

February 9, 2007

In response to those who are distressed and asking for support, but don’t want to be identified, then take action to protect yourself by trying at least the following:

Look at the ACAS internet site (Arbitration, Conciliation,Advisory Service) – it has all manner of advice and guidance for employees who are in difficulty – I will put a link on this site tonight;

Look at Health Minds in Work – and then contact them by ‘phone.   They WILL advise and help you and I will put a link on this site tonight;

Look at Just Fight On – link is on this site under Links – contact them.

Don’t let your worries go on any longer – take action in the morning – and talk with a trusted friend and accept support.  

Finally, if you are a user of mental health services or a carer, then contact a mental health advocate in your area – they will help you or support you in finding help.