Stigma – one point of view

Mental Health Care has published a free, downloadable leaflet on the subject of Stigma. Just go to their site, using this link,

and read the information for yourself. An extract follows:

Stigma and mental illness Stigma is best defined as three things: • Ignorance • Prejudice • Discrimination This section contains information about several ways in which stigma is experienced by people with mental health problems.  Mental Health Care has published an information leaflet on the topic of stigma, written by Professor Graham Thornicroft.


2 Responses to “Stigma – one point of view”

  1. sickofit Says:

    now youre opening up a can of worms (something bad?) – or is that stigma against the good name of worms who do a lot of good in the garden.
    And what about stigma from social workers who judge you for whatever reason without taking the time to find out what youre about, or health profesionals, who always seem to know best, and never have the time to think about the effects of what they decided, or who decide to change your medication just like that – because youre the patent and they know best – is that stigma or not?

  2. oberon92 Says:

    Yes, that comment probably is a stigma against worms, but maybe that is the point – that it is difficult sometimes to decide what is and isn’t stigma?
    I feel that I/some people get used to certain personal behaviors, which we/they explain away to my/themselves as self protective decisions, or operating reasonable judgements, and don’t categorise as stigma – indeed, some people would feel seriously misjudged if accused of stigma based actions. But a lot of them are stigma based – aren’t they?

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