Stigma – self examination – a start

Do YOU ‘dish out’ stigma??  What DO you mean?   Well, do you…

Avoid certain people because…they smell/talk too much/stutter/dress odd etc., 

and maybe

Keep clear of gays in case you get HIV…..

Feel that your depressed friend only needs to shake him/herself out of it,,,

Speak for your friend in groups because they won’t be able to….and before they can

Patronise someone with mental health issues…forgetting your own

Pretend to be attentive and listening when you want to…be far away

Make excuses for not inviting then to…anything that links them to you

Distrust all police…

Jeer at those who drive cautiously…walk oddly…slow to do something

Bully a less able person because you can – and then tell they can

Laugh at kids who are carers for their parent/s..

Well, do you?


4 Responses to “Stigma – self examination – a start”

  1. all cracked up Says:

    umm. Well, I suppose you are trying to get us to think about what is and what is not stigma? You’ve got me thinking. Some of these things I do, well quite a few of them really, which has shaken me – but then surely some aren’t really stigma but things everyone does to avoid situations they dont like. I mean, jeering at people, or laughing at kids – is that really stigma, or just how people deal with situations that annoy them, or they can’t understand. I’ll come back again.

  2. oberon92 Says:

    Well, ARE they stigma situations? If you laugh at kids who are carers for parents then are you just laughing because you don’t understand, or are you laughing because they have parents with disabilities – and you don’t – if so, I think that’s stigmatising the family/the child. But you are right – I am welcoming comment and discussion because this whole thing needs opening up. Any young people out there who are or who have cared for parents and been treated differently because of that?

  3. bullyingsucks Says:

    bullying isn’t right

  4. oberon92 Says:

    No, its’ not right, but there seems to be a lot of it going on, and perhaps that is a reflection on the state of our society at the present time – although thinking about our colonial period, slavery and the rest, perhaps its’ also a comment about our ancestors, us, and just not dealing with it?
    So many of our ‘heroes’ were really bullies.

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