I would like to congratulate everyone who received certificates at the Network and Forum meeting yesterday.  They were well deserved. I would also like to thank Cllr Kay Peacock, Mayor of Usk for presenting the certificates.  I hope everyone enjoyed the occassion.

It was also really good to see so many people turn up for the meeting.  I appreciate the time people give and I believe that the great turn-out just goes to show how much interest there is in what is happening with mental health provision in the county at present.  The more people turn up the bigger and louder their voice is.

These meetings are important as it enables and empowers service users by giving them the chance to openly discuss the many changes that are occurring at the moment as well as enabling the health professionals to know what works and what doesn’t.  The meetings are also a useful source of information for everyone.

If you are unable to attend these monthly meetings then why not leave comments on this blog. Tell us which services you find useful and which ones don’t hit the grade.  Are there a lack of certain services or maybe too many of another? Would you like more information about a particular subject? If so let us know. If you don’t ask you don’t get!!

Take care


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