Network and Forum

Dear Oberon,

Just a quick comment on the Network and Forum meeting on Feb 21st. Many congratulations to the people who attended the Peer Advocacy Training Course.

I personally apologise for the poor photos from the event, as the digital camera had a 5 second delay!

Working with service users across other areas of Gwent, it’s great to see the potential of the Network and Forum being recognised and led by service users. I’m sure this will be an inspiration to people in other localities of Gwent.

Many thanks to the Mayor of Usk, Councillor Kay Peacock, and representatives from the Local Health Board, Monmouthshire County Council and Gwent NHS Trust, who I’m sure were suitably impressed by the level of participation in healthcare planning and provision shown by members of the Network and Forum.

Wishing the Network and Forum every sucess with future developments.

Kind Regards,

Andrew Pugh
Senior Mental Health Development Officer
Gwent Association of Voluntary Organisations (GAVO)


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