Monmouthshire Mental Health Network and Forum

Next meeting is at The Sessions House, Usk on Wednesday 25th April 2007

The meeting will be in two parts as usual:   1.30 – 2.30 Forum – open to all.

                                                                            2.45 -3.45  Network – for users and carers.

The Network meeting is open to all service users and carers, and their friends if they wish, but is not open to professional staff and others with management responsibility for mental health services in Monmouthshire.   This is to allow service users and carers to have a monthly space for themselves to get together and discuss issues important to them without feeling anxious about how their comments and views are being received.   The Network is Chaired by a service user.

The Forum is open to all involved with mental health services in Monmouthshire and especially welcomes professional staff for discussion and information sharing.  Outside speakers are invited to attend the Forum to bring those attending up to date with service development and planning whether in the statutory sector or volutary sectory.   If you are working in mental health in Monmouthshire you are welcome to come along and join in.

Attendance at these meetings has been growing – try to come along if you can.


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