Don’t Disabled People Go Out After 6pm?

Since starting work  I now have to do the family shop either after work or
on the weekend.  Seeing as I hate shops and loads of people in them I find
it better to go straight after work.  By the time I get to my local
supermarket it is often around 6pm.  The good thing is the shop itself is
relatively quiet and yet I find trying to find a disabled parking space an
absolute struggle.  Why is this? Well obviously SOME of the general public
must have the perception that disabled people do not go out in the evenings
because they take up all the disabled bays!!

Before I was working I would shop during the day and only had problems
parking because the shop was busy.  Each bay would have a car displaying the
blue badge.  Good I have no problem with this at all (except it may be
suggesting that there are not enough parking bays for the disabled). So why
is it that as soon as the evening comes, the bays are jam-packed and on many
ocassions none display the blue badge?  This drives me crazy.  Many disabled
people lead a normal life which means that they do go out in the evenings
and I believe there is no law stating that we cannot go out after dark so
could people please please refrain from parking in disabled parking bays,
even if you are just “popping in” quickly.



One Response to “Don’t Disabled People Go Out After 6pm?”

  1. Kaz Says:

    Someone must have read this article. Ye haa. Over the past few days disabled parking and the blue badge have managed to get on the national news. First we hear that one of the top supermarkets in Britain are going to start fining people they find parking in disabled bays when they shouldn’t be and then today it is announced that there is going to be a crack down on people fraudulantly using the blue badge. About time too if you ask me. From what I have heard, many disabled drivers are coming back to their parked car only to find that the badge has been stolen. The police even found that one badge had been copied hudreds+ times. If this can be stopped there will be a much better chance of the right people being able to park in disabled bays.

    However, I would still like to see other supermarkets following suit and start fining people too. After all, where I live, it is not people with fraudulent badges that are causing the problem it is people who have no badge, are luckily fit and healthy individuals that can’t be bothered to park a few yards away in standard bays. Don’t forget that the disabled bays (and the bays for parents with children for that matter) are not just there so people do not have so far to walk. The bays are also much wider so people who have to use wheelchairs (or prams) have more room to move around the vehicle. There would be up roar if a car was damaged by a wheelchair so think on before you use a bay not meant for you, one day your car could end up scratched because the disabled bays are full by people who shouldn’t be there.

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