Stigma and mental health

 I would like your comments on these two different ways of dealing with stigma and mental health.   Which do you prefer – possibly you don’t like either film?


3 Responses to “Stigma and mental health”

  1. Jennifer Pearce Says:

    Hi Tony,

    To be honest, I think both clips are excellent. The silence in the second clip is very effective in my view. It would be great if we can get some stigma campaign up and running in our area. I think using statistics to illustrate how many people are affected by mental health issues is an effective way of getting a message across. What does anyone else think?

  2. oberon92 Says:

    Thanks for this Jen. Yes, I would like to have some more opinions about how we present information like this. Do you have time to pull together some statistics so we can work on some ideas at the Network?

  3. fireshadow48 Says:

    I think both of these clips do a good job. We need even more, but this is a good addition. Thank you for this post.

    Yes, you may include my rant “A Rose Still Smells as Sweet”. I would be honored to be included.

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