Mental Health Bill – message from Mind.

Dear campaigner The Mental Health Bill has completed its parliamentary stages and is now waiting for Royal Assent. We have managed to secure some significant improvements to the Government’s original plans. Thanks to the incredible endurance and persistence of members of the Mental Health Alliance and to individuals such as yourself who have lobbied their MPs, we have helped to significantly improve this legislation. It’s not perfect by a long way, and we must continue to monitor closely the detail of implementation as it’s developed, but we have shown that working together can make a real difference. The Bill now contains:

    • A set of Principles (even though they are not as far reaching as we had hoped
    • A clause on treatability ensuring that patients under section can only be given medical treatment for a mental disorder if the purpose of the treatment is to alleviate or prevent a worsening of the disorder or one or more of its symptoms or manifestations.
    • More stringent rules on CTO conditions meaning the conditions placed on a patient must relate to their health and nothing else.
    • The need for a second opinion for patients on a CTO when it is revoked
    • A statutory right to advocacy.
    • A clause ensuring Age appropriate accommodation for children and young people
    • A clause which means that a refusal of treatment by young people aged 16 and 17 cannot be overridden by their parents.
    • A clause on places of safety – the right to transfer between places of safety
    • More safeguards for patients receiving ECT
    • Statutory provision for the Code of Practice

Thank you for all your help and support in this extremely important campaign.  You have helped make a difference!


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