Forums and things.

If anyone is unsure about taking part in the THT consultation (below) then be encouraged to go along and listen in.  The Terrence Higgins Trust (Cymru) has been actively working over the past year to establish LGBT forums in four locations in SE Wales, and if this consultation is successfull then Monmouthshire will have the fourth Forum and, more importantly, a place in which to work together with the partners to get improved services and attitudes.   The other Forums are ‘up and running’ and have adopted a positive approach to working together, and the involvement of young people in some ares is encouraging.  Contact the THT for more information if what is provided here is not enough.      


One Response to “Forums and things.”

  1. Forum Girl Says:

    Yes! Please do come along if you’re LGBT or someone who supports and works with LGBT people. Stonewall Cymru, Gwent Police and THT Cymru are going to be there and it looks like some people from Safer Wales and Cardiff Mardi Gras will be coming, so it’s turning into a great opportunity to tell them all about your needs.

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