Monmouthshire Mental Health Network and Forum

The next meeting of the Network and Forum will take place, as usual, at the The Sessions House, 43 Maryport Street,Usk on Wednesday 24th October, and will be held in the mental health resource room.   To find this room, leave the main entrance hall by the corridor on the right, and go through the double doors and then the first room on the right. 

The Forum, which runs from 1pm to 2.15 pm (please note the start time) will hear an update on mental health issues inMonmouthshire from Bernard Boniface, Joint Commissioner Mental Health and Substance Misuse, and then Jen Pearce will lead a presentation and discussion on  two main aspects on the Welsh Assembly Government’s ‘Stronger in Partnership 2’.   These are ‘Reimbursement and Remuneration’ and the ‘Charter for Participation and Involvement’ – both of which should have interest for everyone.    There will also be a brief introduction to the Consultation on Protection of Vulnerable Adults Supplement document, around financial abuse.  If you are interested in this, copies can be printed for you on request and given out later.   This Consultation will be part of the Forum meeting planned for November 28th. 

The Network meeting, which will start at 2.30 after a break,   will be able to watch and discuss the dvd ‘Pillar to Post’ – which deals wih Dual Diagnosis and the difficulties faced by both services and service users.   It is produced by Mind in Croydon, and only lasts 23 minutes, so there will be time for discussion.    This will be of interest to users and carers who have experience of mental health and substance misuse difficulties.   The meeting will end at 3.45pm.

Please come along if you can, and if you have not been before, don’t be shy, you will be very welcome, and you can sit comfortably in a corner if you prefer that. 


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