Mind comments on boost to war veterans mental health care

Leading mental health charity Mind today (Friday 23 November) comments on the Government’s plans to provide specialist mental health care to ex-military servicemen.

Paul Farmer, Chief Executive of mental health charity Mind, said:

“There’s no doubt that soldiers can suffer considerable trauma in conflict zones, and it goes without saying that for people experiencing trauma on a daily basis, mental health care should be an absolute priority.

In recent months more and more ex-servicemen have been contacting Mind not knowing where to go for help, highlighting that the need for specialist mental health care has become increasingly urgent.

The Government’s plans to extend mental health services to all war veterans are a considerable improvement on current policy, which has in the past excluded people from much needed after-care, and seen others queuing up for urgent treatment.

Whilst these plans are a step in the right direction, we now need the Government to invest new funds in long-term care and support, including regular mental health check-ups for servicemen, and increasing the range of support they can access so that this very unique need can be fully met.”

Oberon comments:

Mind have produced an excellent booklet – Understanding post-traumatic stress disorder – which is available to read on their website -use the Mind link in links – and also to purchase if you want.   This also contains a list of organisations and services being provided to help and support service women and men who are suffering mental ill health as a result of their battle experiences.  The government plans may take a little time to come on line – but there is an increasing amount of help available in the community and on the internet, and this booklet and the information it contains is a good start for both sufferers, families and carers.  This blog would also be pleased to have comments on this post and PTSD from anyone involved.  Just click on comments at the end of this post, and write what you want.


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