World Aids Day update – Friday 30th November.

Senydd demo

World Aids Day is officially tomorrow, Saturday 1st December, but then some people have to be away from Cardiff for various reasons.  So, despite the generally terrible weather, this group of ‘braves’ managed to find a weather window around 12.30pm, near to the Senydd, and ‘make’ this picture.  The shape wasn’t quite that of the red ribbon, but then the photographer was high in the air on a Cardiff Fire Service aerial platform.   Wonder what that felt like in the wind!  He was shouting instructions to the group many feet below – so it was hardly surprising if they became difficult to act on.    Still, it is good that a group of people, from different interests and employments came together.  City Councillors were also present and addressing the group – but apparently no-one managed to make it the few hundred yards from the Senydd.   Wonder why that was?  Perhaps they didn’t have anything red to wear, tho’ that shouldn’t have been a problem for the Labour AM’s.   Hey Ho, and to think that Wales has rising numbers of HIV infections for both men and women.   The report of the Health Protection Agency, supported by the National Public Health Service presents the following key findings:


Rates of HIV continuing to increase in Wales

‘Particular concern’ is continuing transmission among men who have sex with men

This group at risk of an overlapping HIV, syphilis and hepatitis epidemic emerging in Europe

Most cases of gonorrhoea and chlamydia occurring in young heterosexuals

Across the UK, heterosexual women account for 35% of new diagnoses of HIV – nearly twice figure in 1996

Heterosexuals represent 54% of new HIV diagnoses, with 85% infections acquired outside UK

Source: Health Protection Agency


Hmm, seems to me that some AM’s should have made the effort to join the awareness raising demonstration to show their concern about these findings.

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