Christmas friendship – not there for everyone.

As you get older Christmas seems to come around more quickly and more expensively!  By the time I am 80 (I wish) I will be using the wrapping paper I am removing to immediately wrap next year’s present.  It’s been a while since I managed a new ‘post’ and my excuse is the same as most other people’s – run off my feet over the past few weeks.  Now I think I am ‘there’ and in a little while will be off to visit my recently born grandson and his parents so that they can be left to have a quiet day as their own family tomorrow.   That brings back nice memories of our first Christmas with our first born – a Christmas like no other – and our first Christmas as our own family unit – ever!    As far as we are concerned – nothing to beat it.   And that brings back thoughts of other and much lonelier Christmas’s – such as on guard duty in the army in the wilds of wherever – which is where you always seemed to get sent if you were unfortunate to get Christmas duty roster, or when living alone in a large city – full of people but there were few friends – or living in a bed-sit house when everyone else had gone to relatives or friends – or ….well, the list could go on.  I am hoping that anyone reading this will have company for the holiday, and will be happy, but for those who will be alone, or who may suffer ‘bad’nights.  Below I have put in a few links to sites that may help to relieve or divert the unhappiness  until your usual ‘support’ is available again.  


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