on the fourth day of Christmas….


DVLA sent to Cardiff one white van, two crewmen, and with four cameras on the roof!!  Yes, its true!   Sitting quietly looking out of my window onto the street outside I noticed a white van cruising slowly along, and then making a U turn outside my house.  One the roof were four CCTV cameras, each pointing a little outwards and downwards, and they were filming the cars for road license offences as they drove along.  Big Brother is geting bigger.   Now, this is not strictly a ‘piece’ for a mental health blog, and I am not feeling particularly paranoid, – but then again, is it?   What will it do to the community as this process is linked in to all the others being assembled to ‘watch’ over our ‘safety’?  What the fifth day will bring?  Maybe “five lorries removing” – all the cars they have identified – and if you think I am joking above is a photo taken in November when three lorries turned up and quickly removed three cars.   I will be looking out of the window again tomorrow, with interest! 



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