How good is the NHS in Wales? Health Inspectorate Wales Report

Review raises concerns over NHS in Wales  A MAJOR review of NHS Wales has raised serious concerns about the way patients are treated while in hospital and the system for commissioning health services.

The report, published this week, has highlighted issues of dignity and respect shown to patients and has found instances where patients have been forced to remain in their beds because “it is easier for staff”.

Many patients are still treated on mixed sex wards, particularly in mental health facilities, despite pledges made over a decade ago to end the practice.

The Health Inspectorate Wales report, How Good is the NHS in Wales?, measures the performance of 37 organisations – NHS trusts, local health boards and Health Commission Wales – against a set of standards introduced in 2005 to improve patient care.

Dr Peter Higson, HIW’s chief executive, said the NHS’s performance against the 32 standards was average.

He said, “NHS Wales is clearly very seriously committed to delivering a safe, high quality service and it does that well in many instances, but it also knows that it could do that better.”

The HIW report also raised concerns about Wales’ 22 local health boards’ ability to commission health services from the larger trusts.

It said there are “inherent problems” with the current structure and said within boards there is “considerable variation in terms of knowledge, experience and understanding.”

Health Minister Edwina Hart said, “The report does highlight the need for effective communication with the public and staff on changes to the health service – an issue I am fully aware of and addressing.

“In relation to the size and role of LHBs, I have already confirmed that the establishment of three regional commissioning units across Wales will continue – they will be operational from April.

“The issue of federated LHBs had been raised with me by the LHBs themselves, and I have asked them to present me with ideas on how they see themselves fitting into the reconfiguration process. I will be meeting with them in the new year in order to discuss this further.

“I expect LHBs and NHS trusts to carefully study the report in coming up with their action plans on improving services.”

To read How Good is the NHS in Wales?, click here

All above information provided by Mental Health Wales – thank you.


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