Mental Health Services in Gwent.

The meeting being held on 11th March (see below) is important and was originally requested by the service users and carers in the Monmouthshire Mental Health Forum.   At a Forum meeting held in the Autumn of 2007, during which members held an open discussion with Rhian Lewis, Patient’s Panel Co-ordinator and the Chair of the Panel, seven Forum members volunteered to become panel members in order to represent mental health interests.   Following that meeting this one (11th March) has been arranged and will be attended by senior members of the Gwent NHS Trust.  All mental health carers and service users are strongly encouraged to try to find time to attend.  Places are limited (25) and if you are a carer or service user who has been, or still are receiving services, and who has a view on what needs to be done to improve these services, then you need to attend.  If you pass up this chance then you may well be ‘kicking’ yourself in the months ahead as new changes take place.  Is a member of your family about to move from children’s mental health services to adult services, or an adult member about to move to older adult services – and do you have worries about this?  What do you feel about mixed wards and facilities?  About services for Eating Disorders?   Do you self harm – and how have you been received and treated in A&E?    There are many issues for discussion – go along and have your say.   Phone Rhian for help with transport or anything else that you need, and you can also phone or speak to Jen Pearce or Tony Rigby if you prefer.  01291-673728   What is important is to fill those 25 seats and take the chance to talk with those who make the decisions.           

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