John Prescott and Bulimia

Well, has John Prescott done any favours to people experiencing eating disorder?   Some have criticised him for ‘cynically’ not revealing this personal problem until he published a book.   That is quite a judgement to make when you can’t know that.  On the basis of that judgement it has been argued that more harm than good has been done to public understanding of eating disorders.  However, I wonder just what IS the public understanding of eating disorders.  I have never had the feeling that there is a public reservoir of goodwill towards those who suffer this debilitating illness, whether anorexia or bulimia, but rather have heard comments expressing irritation, disbelief, and sometimes disgust.   Just maybe his honesty has brought a few to realise that many people are affected by this issue, and to reconsider their previously held views?  I hope so.  I was outraged by some media reportingof this announcement.  The word ‘CONFESSED’ was used in some reports.  What do they mean ‘CONFESSED’?  That word usually (always?) implies admission of a wrong doing and possibly a wish to put something right.   So what is the wrong doing here?  Which takes me back to public perceptions – and the criticisms suggesting cynicism.  Personally I am usually glad when public figures are able to talk about problems they have experienced with mental health issues, and overall feel that such openness probably results in more good than harm.   What do you think?  It would be good to hear from people who suffer this condition, and have their views.


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