Most Women Have Disordered Eating Behaviors–I’m not surprised.

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According to Self Magazine, 75% of women have disordered eating behaviors or symptoms consistent with eating disorders. So why am I not surprised by this?

Women are bombarded on a daily basis by the physical standards society imposes on us. I am very defensive of eating disorders themselves, but I don’t turn a blind eye to the pressure of media. I can’t really. I know it exists, especially because I feel it too. I don’t think the media causes eating disorders and I don’t think society does either. But they often play a role in the course of eating disorders for some people. And even those without eating disorders are frequently behaving as if they do. It’s as if we’re creating generation after generation of sad women who have increasingly horrible and dangerous relationships with food.

If even the AARP’s media is afraid of depicting older women at times, what are women supposed to think? And what are men supposed to think–that once they get older they can’t be seen with a woman their age? Now, I’m not attacking the AARP. They run a lot of ads that are very age-positive and geared towards women. But you must admit, these images are ridiculous.

Objectively, we all know that the subtle messages images like these give us are absurd and impossible. Nevertheless, they are difficult to ignore when they are in your face all the time. And I don’t believe the media invents these things: I believe they reflect attitudes and perspectives of the majority.

What these images tell me is that it’s okay for men to age, and that they, in fact, age rather gracefully even if they happen to lose their taut, youthful bodies. Women, however, must maintain flawless skin, a thin physique and a youthful face. Naturally (and even artificially) this is impossible for anyone.

One of the biggest hurdles for me in my struggle for self-esteem is throwing off what I have always believed, which is based on what these messages and other people have said about me. And I believe that is something that all people (women especially) must do.

I believe the majority of young women would rather die or be terminally ill than gain 50 pounds or look “too old”. Sad but true.

 I am pleased to be able to bring you this post by but want to say that altho I acknowledged its source and provided a link I should first have sent an e-mail to the author informing them of my interest.  I apologise for that oversight (new things to learn every day) and am glad that permission was given despite my failure, because I believe it is a very useful reflection.



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