Self Harm Inquiry.

Self Harm Inquiry

Launched at the House of Commons in 2004, the two-year Inquiry has heard evidence from over 350 individuals and organisations, and most importantly listened to the voices of young people who have experience of self-harm.


The campaign calls on the Government to launch a UK-wide initiative to develop better and more appropriate responses to young people who self-harm, starting with an awareness campaign targeted at professionals, parents and young people.


More information about the inquiry at

One Response to “Self Harm Inquiry.”

  1. Jaime Dugan Says:

    I enjoyed your post. Just wanted anyone reading this that is struggling to check out this ministry:

    Mercy Ministries was founded by Nancy Alcorn in 1983. It is a non-profit residential counseling program that exists to transform the lives of young women between the ages of 13-28 who face life-controlling issues. The program is free of charge, which is pretty amazing. I want to spread the awareness about Mercy because these problems are all too real in today’s society!

    Take Care!

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