Iechyd Meddwl Cymru



 Iechyd Meddwl Cymru


A Well Being and Mental Health Service

Fit For Wales



Michael AH Williams


April 2008


The following is an extract from the opening page of the Michael Williams Report.

If you wish to read the entire report then it is saved in the Pages section under Essential Reports.   This a seriously important Consultation and if you would like to make a response to the recommendations, or to receive help in making a response, please contact Jen, Debbi or Tony on 01291-673728

1.                This paper was requested by, Edwina Hart MBE AM, the Minister of Health and Social Services.[i] Its principle recommendation is that a statutory body responsible for mental health and well being in Wales is established. For the purpose of this discussion I have called it, “Iechyd Meddwl Cymru[ii] – a mental health and well being service for Wales.” [IMC].The organisation will include teaching and research as part of its remit.


2.                IMC’s proposed structure will be unique to Wales but in line with the Government of Wales’ health policies and strategies.[iii] [iv] [v] [vi]


3.                IMC is not an attempt to copy other UK models of health care, although it will benefit from good practice wherever it originates from. A recent WIHSC survey of health leaders indicated that a majority of them felt that Wales’ mental health services were not as good as those provided in England.[vii] The WIHSC survey also noted that there is no robust evidence base to commend any particular structural arrangements for the delivery of mental health and social care services. The evidence is largely anecdotal.


4.                IMC will emphasise the positive benefits of addressing issues relating to a person’s well being at all stages through life. This is of benefit not only to the individual but also to communities and is of national importance. The service needs to unite primary care, community mental health services, social services, and acute services in a common code and purpose to provide service users with care that is seamless. Care should not be adversely affected by organisation boundaries, age or budgetary controls.


5.                IMC will involve the voluntary sector and the private sector in the best interests of the service user. The funding of both the voluntary and private sector needs to be addressed in commissioning terms and the wide span of funding sources for the voluntary sector needs to be simplified.

[i]        The author has reviewed available literature and research. However, this is not presented as an academic paper. It is intended as guidance to the Minister and to act as a catalyst for a discussion of the mental health and well being service in Wales.

[ii]         Mental Health Wales

[iii]        One Wales 2007 WAG.

[iv]        Designed for Life 2005 WAG.

[v]         Fulfilled Lives, Supportive Communities 2007.

[vi]        Making the Connections Beyond Boundaries.

Langley Beddow Magill. 2007 WISHC “NHS Barometer 2007 Report of the 2007 Confidential Survey of Leadership Opinion in Wales” -University of Glamorgan.






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