Supporting children in families affected by mental illness

“You want your mum even when she’s ill, especially when you’re just a kid”.

Family Minded – a Report published by Barnado’s – is based on the experience of a numberof Barnado’s services that work with children whose lives are affected by parental mental ill-health.  It is informed by the academic literature in this field.   It explores the challenges of parental mental illness for both policy and practice, addressing mental health policy and practice in all four nations of the UK.

To read the full report, which is of value to all who are in this situation, and especially those with responsibility for developing and guiding services, including the voluntary sector, visit the Barnado’s website using the link below and look under Resources, then Books & Tools, then Families – and scroll down to Young Carers section – and click on Family Minded.  There’s other interesting stuff there as well… Sorry this is so long winded bit I am having a real problem in uploading the direct link.  There is also a copy of the full report saved under Pages – Essential Reports – that should work!  Yup!  It does!





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