Are you a young person who has experienced depression?

Or do you know a young person who has?


YouthHealthTalk is part of the UK health charity DIPEx that produces the award-winning website for young people;;   On the site you can watch, listen or read young people’s real life experiences of health, illness and lifestyle and find reliable information about different health conditions. The site gives a VOICE to young people and helps them know they are not alone with their concerns.

(Sorry but I just cannot get this link to ‘work’  No matter, just type or copy and paste it into the address bar and all should be well.  Let me know if not.)


We are now looking for young people help us put together a new site on YOUNG PEOPLE & DEPRESSION. We’d like to hear from young people who are: aged 16-25 have experienced depression or ongoing low mood and would like to share their experiences through an interview or a video or photo diary.  Every individual  can choose whether they want video, audio or anonymous text version of their interview. They can even have an actor speak their words!


For more information about the project, please contact Ulla.  If you then decide you don’t want to take part – no problem!  Sharing your experiences can help others in a similar situation to know they are not alone.

Thank you!



phone  01865 289324

text      07805 828792 


This information provided by Journeys who have been asked to make it available as widely as possible.


029 2069 2891



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