Book Prescription Scheme

Updating the Book Prescription Scheme

 I recently had the opportunity to talk to Dr. Neil Frued at a conference in Powys. I provided him with some feedback on The Book Prescription Scheme – a scheme that many people have benefitted from, some whilst on a waiting list for counselling.

I stated that although the scheme had received lots of positive feedback in terms of GPs, many people found that some of the books were too complicated, or that they were not very easy to read. I also talked to him about the lending library in the Monmouthshire Mental Health Resource Room, where service users and carers can borrow many books, videos and DVDs. I proposed that videos and DVDs would be a good idea for people who have lower levels of literacy, and also people who find concentrating for a long time difficult.

Dr. Frued took these comments on board and asked me if I would help him to get feedback from service users on books which they felt had helped them in their understanding of mental health and illness. He said he was currently in the process of looking at updating the Book Prescription Scheme with the Welsh Assembly Government, and would welcome the views of service users to guide him to the most appropriate materials.

I have send Dr. Frued a list of the current resources available in Monmouthshire, but would like to take people’s individual recommendations on what has been useful for them.

Please can you either reply to this thread via the SpeakEasy in Mons web-blog, or by e-mailing   

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Kind regards,


Andrew Pugh

Senior Mental Health Development Officer

 Gwent Association of Voluntary Organisations (GAVO)

Ty Derwen, Church Road, Maindee,

Newport, NP19 7EJ.

Tel: 01633 241572





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