C.A.L.L. Free phone Advice and Listening Line


C.A.L.L. Free phone Advice and Listening Line:

Support for patients experiencing problems due to the economic downturn 0800 132 737

Concern has been expressed about how some people in Wales are coping with the economic downturn. There are a number of avenues professionals may find helpful to advise their patients to consult. Encouraging people to discuss their anxieties and in some cases take action so that their problems don’t get worse is the first step. Some people will find talking to friends and family is enough support to get through and all they need. Others may need specialist financial advice or want confidential advice outside their own family circle.

In terms of someone to listen confidentially to anxieties and stresses, the Welsh Assembly Government commissioned the free phone 24 hour telephone line some years ago. C.A.L.L. Community Advice and Listening Line is available both by freephone 0800 132 737 or by text – Text Help to 81066

C.A.L.L. (Community Advice & Listening Line) offers emotional support and information/literature on mental health and related matters such as worries about debt and employment. http://www.callhelpline.org.uk/

NHS Direct Wales is another option to call on 08454647 or online; http://www.nhsdirect.wales.nhs.uk/

The Samaritans also offer a service for those who are experiencing feelings of distress or despair including those that could lead to Suicide. Loss of a job, financial worries or stress and anxiety are common reasons people call them. They are also available 24 hours a day on 08457909090 or by email jo@samaritans.org and further information about Samaritans is available on the website http://www.samaritans.org

Alcohol and drugs
For those requiring further information and/or help relating to drugs and/or alcohol, the 24/7 Wales Drug and Alcohol helpline (DAN) can be contacted on 0800 6335588. Further information about DAN is available on the website http://www.dan247.org.uk

Financial Advice
In terms of specific financial advice there are 3000 Citizens Advice Bureaus established across the UK contacting them and discussing the specific issues may be of assistance. The local offices contact details will be in the telephone book or are available online : http://www.citizensadvice.org.uk

Information on support available for individuals, employers and communities is available in one place on the Welsh Assembly Government website. All of this information and more is available on the Assembly website at http://www.wales.gov.uk

Yours sincerely



From the
Chief Medical Officer, Chief Dental Officer, Chief Pharmaceutical Advisor and Chief Nursing Officer

Welsh Assembly Government Llywodraeth Cynulliad Cymru
Cathays Park Parc Cathays
Cardiff Caerdydd
CF10 3NQ CF10 3NQ

Further enquiries should be made to
Dr Sarah Watkins
Senior Medical Officer
Welsh Assembly Government
Cathays Park
Cardiff CF10 3NQ

Tel: 029 20 801290
Fax: 029 20825175

Requests for further copies of this letter or a Welsh translation should be addressed to:

DPHHP, Business Unit
Welsh Assembly Government
Cathays Park
Cardiff CF10 3NQ

© Crown copyright 2008
This circular may be freely reproduced by all those to whom it has been addressed.


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