SpeakEasy is about helping communication between people involved with mental health services in Monmouthshire on the issues they choose to write about.   It is open to all who have an opinion to offer and the only restrictions are those contained in the current Guidelines.


One Response to “About”

  1. Crusty the Clown Says:

    A man suffering serious depression and suicidal thoughts gets refered to the Book Prescription Scheme by his Psychiatrist.
    The man on the advice of his psychiatrist walks to the library, and is feeling a little better for just getting out in the fresh air. When he gets to the library, the man is impressed with the selection of self-help books, and, after quite a bit of procrastination, eventually decides he will take a book out on Suicide. The librarian is new to the scheme and states that she is terribly sorry, but the man cannot take the book out. “But why!” screams the man, “I’ve been refered here by my psychiatrist and I’m even a member of the library!”. “I realise that sir…” replies the librarian “…I’m just worried you won’t return the book”!

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