Categories waiting 4 U

Don’t forget you cannot ‘click’ on these items.   To start a discussion chose one or several items that interest you, write your piece/s in your own Word programme, and e-mail to   I will then post it to the blog page.   After that it will either appear on the front page, or be moved to archives – just click and it will come up.   Then if you want to write something more on the subject, or someone else wants to reply, just click on ‘comment’ at end of item and you or someone else will be able to respond by following the instructions on the page.   Try it and see!   Any difficulties send me an e-mail saying what the problem is and I will reply. 

18 – 35’s      

Advocacy;                                                                                                   Black & Ethnic minority; Carers;                                                                                                                Complimentary Therapies;                                                                                                  Day services;                                                                                    Depression;                                      Disability;                                                                                                                       Domestic abuse;                                                                                                  Eating disorders;                            Events;                                                                                                                                  From the coal face..                                                                                                         Incapacity benefits;                                                                                                                  LGBT issues;                                                                          Medication;                                                                                   Mental Health Act;                         Miscellaneous;                                                                              NSF;                                                                                                News;                                                                    Occupational therapy;                                                                      OCD;                                                                        Phobias;                                                                                                                                   Self harm;                                                                                                                              Service improvement;                                                                               Stigma;                                                                     Training;                                                                                                                           Voluntary Sector;                                                                                                             Voluntary Services;                                      Volunteering;                                                                                                                      Working groups;                                                                                                                       Young people;


One Response to “Categories waiting 4 U”

  1. janet Says:

    Hi Tony
    This site about SAD might be worth adding to your links
    also noticed some of the wording on the catagories 4 u page is disjointed, unless its my computer
    best wishes

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