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Eating Disorders Awareness Week (EDAW

February 24, 2010

February 22nd-28th 2010 is Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

This information is from the beat-uk site

Thank you for your interest in Eating Disorders Awareness Week. During EDAW, beat will be working hard to raise awareness of eating disorders and our services right across the UK – and there are lots of ways you can join us.

Tuesday 23rd
beat Cymru launch, The Senedd/National Assembly for Wales

The week will also see the official launch of beat Cymru, our major awareness campaign in Wales. We will be launching the project at the Senedd, alongside a team of beat members and supporters. Carwyn Jones, Welsh First Minister, will also be in attendance.

beat Cymru will be the first major project in Wales to support people affected by eating disorders, as well as campaigning on their behalf.

We hope the project will provide new volunteering opportunities across Wales, as well as combating the stigma of eating disorders.

beat Helpline: 0845 634 1414

beat Youthline:0845 634 7650

Plenty of advice and support at this site.


National Mental Health Employment Strategy

February 23, 2010

For anyone interested this is the link to the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health site. There you will find the National Mental Health Employment Strategy, and also the Perkins Review.

National Bullying Helpline

February 23, 2010

Hard to believe that Christine Pratt, Director of this charity – could understand so little about the meaning of confidentiality. Fortunately there are other better managed charities in the UK that are available to anyone, child, parent, adult who are worried about bullying issues or being bullied themselves. Links are in column on right of page and below:

Mons Mentor

May 1, 2009

Now up and running is the new online Mental health Directory for Monmouthshire.

Short name is Mons Mentor, and tonight it is registering on Google search for the first time.   No longer any need to use the website address.   If you want to get there from here, just click on the following:

                        monsmentor         and if you want to get there without using this blog, then type the name

into your search bar and you should be taken there.     Let me know if you have any problems finding the site by sending e-mail to                               

..and if you find the site useful then tell your friends, and anyone else who you think could help to pass the information on – maybe a CPN, social worker, GP, Minister, carer, etc, etc.

Community sentences…….

May 1, 2009

….better than prison for offenders with mental health problems, says Sainsbury Centre report

Full report on this link:

Warning on clozapine

May 1, 2009

 Thanks to Mind for this warning:

An article on the Times Online revealed a shockingly high number of deaths of people taking the antipsychotic drug clozapine – since 1993 almost 1,000 deaths have been reported to the UK medicines regulator through the Yellow Card scheme for reporting adverse drug reactions.

If you are taking clozapine (trade names Clozaril, Denzapine and Zaponex) and are worried about your health we suggest discussing this with your psychiatrist and asking for any necessary health checks. Anyone with concerns about their medicine is welcome to call the MindinfoLine on 0845 766 0163 or email 

The MindinfoLine is open 9-5 Monday to Friday.

Clozapine is licensed to treat schizophrenia if other treatments have not helped, and people taking it must have regular blood tests because of the risk of serious blood disorders. The blood monitoring appears to be very successful in preventing and treating these disorders, as the deaths reported are almost all from other causes including cardiac and respiratory disorders.

Mind wants to see:

  • equally rigorous monitoring for other health problems especially to prevent heart disease and strokes
  • an urgent review of the drug by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency
  • much better availability of psychological therapies so that people can try a proper range of treatment before clozapine is offered.

It’s harder to ‘come out’ about mental health than being gay

May 1, 2009

Perhaps this is of no surprise to you?   If you would like to read the article on the Mind website, then click on the following link:

Monmouthshire Online Mental Health Directory

April 16, 2009

Now up and running is the new online mental health directory for Monmouthshire. Short name is Mons Mentor, and to visit the site click on this link:

When the site achieves a reasonable level of use, then the short name – Mons Mentor – will become searchable – so go to it!   ..and if you find the site useful then tell your friends.

Videos for you to think about…

February 16, 2009

February 16, 2009