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Men’s Advice line.

June 7, 2010

The Men’s Advice Line is a confidential helpline for all men experiencing domestic violence by a current or ex-partner. This includes all men – in heterosexual or same-sex relationships. Talk it over We want to give all men who experience domestic violence the chance to talk about it. We provide emotional support, we can give you practical advice and we can inform you of specialist services that can give you advice on legal, housing, child contact, mental health and other issues. Call us on freephone number 0808 801 0327 0808 801 0327 – free from landlines and most mobile phones. We are open: Monday – Friday 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm If the lines are busy or if you are calling outside of those hours, please leave a message with your name and a safe number and we will call you back as soon as we can. You can also email us: Remember: our priority is your safety. If you are in immediate danger dial 999 to speak to the Police.

To visit the site please click this link:


Equality Bill completes its passage through Parliament and becomes the Equality Act 2010

June 3, 2010

The Equality Bill passed through Parliament on 6th April 2010 and became an Act when it received Royal Assent on 8th April.

Various summaries and commentaries of the new legislation have been issued, including the following:

The main points of the new law are:

* A duty requiring the public sector to actively promote equality will be extended to cover LGB&T equality, with effect from April 2011, and applicable to all public sector organisations, including the NHS, schools, local councils, and the police.

* Lesbian, gay and bisexual people will be able to hold their civil partnership ceremonies in England and Wales on religious premises where the religious organisations wishes to host such events.

* Employers will be able to use positive action to select candidates from under-represented groups when people applying for a job have the same qualifications.

* Prohibition of the use of pre-employment healthcare questionnaires prior to a job offer.  This will remove a barrier to people living with HIV entering the workplace.

* Prohibition of private members’ clubs from discriminating against members or guests based on their sexual orientation or gender reassignment.

* Introduction of the concept of “dual discrimination”, where people can show they were discriminated because, for example, they are both a woman and a lesbian, or because they are gay and from an ethnic minority.

* Extension of trans rights, such as banning discrimination by schools on the grounds of gender reassignment. It also bans discrimination against people because they are mistakenly thought to be transsexual, or because they are connected with a transsexual person.

* Slight extension of the definition of gender reassignment, so that trans people who do not have medical treatment will be protected from discrimination, so long as they intend to transition, or have transitioned gender.

Published here with full acknowledgement to Proud Tameside for the content of this information.  If you wish to read the Act please follow this link:

If you would like to read more about the work of Proud Tameside please follow the following link:

Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (LGB) Have Your Say events

June 3, 2010

Want to get your voice heard?
Have something to say on LGB issues?
Want service providers to listen to you?

Stonewall Cymru are holding evening regional LGB Have your Say events near you
Meet with service providers, including health, police, fire and rescue, county councils and more

FREE entry. FREE buffet.

Engagement sessions on: Health and social care, community safety, education, and workplace
Hear from Service providers on their work on LGB issues.

Email: to register for the event in your area, or for more information.

South West Wales – Hosted by
De Orllewin Cymru – Dan nawdd

Fire Authority Conference Room ,  Fire and Rescue,   Lime Grove Avenue, Carmarthen, SA31 1SP                  

Tuesday 22nd June,


First Ever All Wales LGB Research Project involving Mental Health

December 21, 2008

Dear Stonewall Cymru supporter,


In partnership with Mind Cymru, Hafal and Journeys, Stonewall Cymru are currently conducting the first ever all Wales research project into the views and needs of those who are lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB) and have experiences of mental health issues. 


The survey is now online to fill in or alternatively you can be sent a copy in the post.


To find out more about the project and to fill in the survey in, please visit our website.


Many thanks,



Kind Regards


Megan Evans


Mental Health Project Administration Officer/Swyddog Gweinyddol Prosiect Iechyd Meddwl


Stonewall Cymru

Transport House

1 Cathedral Road/1 Heol y Gadeirlan


CF11 9SB


Phone/Ffôn: 02920 237744
Fax/Ffacs: 02920 237749

September 10, 2008

DIPEx shows you a wide variety of personal experiences of health and illness. You can watch, listen to or read their interviews, find reliable information on treatment choices and where to find support.

The site covers cancers, heart disease, mental health, neurological conditions, screening programmes, pregnancy, teenage health, chronic illnesses and many others.

DIPEx was voted by the Times as one of the top 3 patient health sites (2006), was in the Guardian’s top 10 health websites (2004) and was singled out in a recent study (Times article March 2007) as a favourite, trusted site for patients.

Link to site:

UK Health Services failing Lesbians – Stonewall comments.

June 22, 2008

Damning inequalities revealed in first major lesbian health study

Significantly more self-harm and suicide than in wider female population
Higher levels of drug use and heavy drinking
Almost half Wales’ lesbians still report a recent negative NHS experience

The first major survey ever conducted into lesbian and bisexual women’s health in Britain reveals deeply disturbing levels of self-harm, substance abuse and exclusion from routine testing for cervical cancer. Prescription for Change, a survey of 6,000 lesbian and bisexual respondents across the UK, suggests that health services are failing to identify specific healthcare needs among Britain’s 1.8 million lesbian population. They are also failing to address specific mental health needs that many women still experience as a result of discrimination. 

The survey, the biggest of its kind ever conducted outside America, provides unique new statistics on the mental health, drinking and drug use of lesbian and bisexual women in Britain in 2008:

1.           More than one in five lesbian and bisexual women in Wales have deliberately harmed themselves in the last year, compared to 0.4 per cent of the general UK population.

2.           Over thirty five per cent drink three times a week or more compared to a quarter of women in general.

3.           More than 1 in 4 lesbian and bisexual women in Wales say that they have or have been told that they have an eating problem, compared to 1 in 20 of the general UK population

New legislative protections introduced in 2007 made it unlawful to discriminate against lesbian and bisexual women in the delivery of public services, yet almost half still report having had negative experiences in the health sector in the last year.

Almost fifteen per cent of lesbian and bisexual women over 25 in Wales – almost double the number of women in general – have never had a cervical smear test. Only 51 per cent have had a cervical smear test in the last 3 years, compared to 70% of the women in the UK.

More than half of lesbian and bisexual women in Wales have not disclosed their sexual orientation to health care professionals.

Liz Morgan, Director of Stonewall Cymru, said: “Results of this survey of lesbian and bisexual women should be of concern to health care practitioners. The findings should also serve to alert the NHS in Wales that they need to address their statutory duty towards these women. This report demonstrates the clear need for the current duty on health services to provide equality of treatment on grounds of gender, ethnicity and disability to be extended to include sexual orientation.”

The report includes ten key recommendations for the NHS to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery for lesbian and bisexual patients. “We trust that Assembly members and Ministers will take this report seriously and start pushing service providers across Wales to address some of the very stark evidence of inconsistent service delivery revealed by this research.” said Liz Morgan.

If you want to read the full report click the following link:- Prescription for Change:


World Aids Day update – Friday 30th November.

December 1, 2007

Senydd demo

World Aids Day is officially tomorrow, Saturday 1st December, but then some people have to be away from Cardiff for various reasons.  So, despite the generally terrible weather, this group of ‘braves’ managed to find a weather window around 12.30pm, near to the Senydd, and ‘make’ this picture.  The shape wasn’t quite that of the red ribbon, but then the photographer was high in the air on a Cardiff Fire Service aerial platform.   Wonder what that felt like in the wind!  He was shouting instructions to the group many feet below – so it was hardly surprising if they became difficult to act on.    Still, it is good that a group of people, from different interests and employments came together.  City Councillors were also present and addressing the group – but apparently no-one managed to make it the few hundred yards from the Senydd.   Wonder why that was?  Perhaps they didn’t have anything red to wear, tho’ that shouldn’t have been a problem for the Labour AM’s.   Hey Ho, and to think that Wales has rising numbers of HIV infections for both men and women.   The report of the Health Protection Agency, supported by the National Public Health Service presents the following key findings:


Rates of HIV continuing to increase in Wales

‘Particular concern’ is continuing transmission among men who have sex with men

This group at risk of an overlapping HIV, syphilis and hepatitis epidemic emerging in Europe

Most cases of gonorrhoea and chlamydia occurring in young heterosexuals

Across the UK, heterosexual women account for 35% of new diagnoses of HIV – nearly twice figure in 1996

Heterosexuals represent 54% of new HIV diagnoses, with 85% infections acquired outside UK

Source: Health Protection Agency


Hmm, seems to me that some AM’s should have made the effort to join the awareness raising demonstration to show their concern about these findings.

South East Wales LGB Forum and Blog

September 7, 2007

The South East Wales LGB Forum is in the process of developing a web presence which we hope will become an active space for community information sharing and discussion. We really want people to feel involved, so do let us know if you have any comments and feel free to link to the site and send us any relevant links/news/events we’ve omitted to add.

We’ve also started a Forum blog. This will function as an online newsletter to keep people informed about Forum activities, local events and up-to-date news of interest to LGBT communities in SEWales. There’s a comment facility and you can also send us information which we’ll post there for you.

a comment turned into a post…..

August 17, 2007

The following came through as a comment but I felt it should become a post as time is short and it may get overlooked.   Please see THT Cymru Consultation info further down this page.  

Yes! Please do come along if you’re LGBT or someone who supports and works with LGBT people. Stonewall Cymru, Gwent Police and THT Cymru are going to be there and it looks like some people from Safer Wales and Cardiff Mardi Gras will be coming, so it’s turning into a great opportunity to tell them all about your needs.


Forums and things.

August 16, 2007

If anyone is unsure about taking part in the THT consultation (below) then be encouraged to go along and listen in.  The Terrence Higgins Trust (Cymru) has been actively working over the past year to establish LGBT forums in four locations in SE Wales, and if this consultation is successfull then Monmouthshire will have the fourth Forum and, more importantly, a place in which to work together with the partners to get improved services and attitudes.   The other Forums are ‘up and running’ and have adopted a positive approach to working together, and the involvement of young people in some ares is encouraging.  Contact the THT for more information if what is provided here is not enough.