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Living in Stigma…

October 24, 2008

Below is the link to a blog which may be of interest to individuals experiencing mental ill health and in particular bi-polar issues.


Stop Bullying Resources – For Children & Adults.

May 25, 2008

Follow this link if you would like to access this resource about bullying – provided by the US Department of Health and Human Services.   A site for young people to explore and also for adults worried about children who are being bullied, or who are bullies.

New Page – Readings for Dark Moments

February 17, 2008

Last evening I was looking up some of the tags to our blog when I came across a piece of writing titled ‘The Edge’.   I felt that this article, and others in the same website, could be of help to some of our readers, particularly when things seem to overwhelm.  I e-mailed the writer for permission to use this piece and to make a link to their blog – and received a reply and permission very quickly.  The writer turned out to be author and academic Joely Black, and the following is part of her description of herself – taken from her blog.

Isabel Joely Black is a writer living in the UK. She has been working on Amnar, a fantasy fiction series, for the last four years. Currently, she divides her time between freelance academic writing, podcasting and working on her latest book in the Amnar series. Vivacious, frenetic and talkative, she also enjoys music and running, but doesn’t like having to write descriptions like these. In 2006, she began promoting Amnar and Distant Ground, a semi-autobiographical account of her struggle with anorexia and depression during the 1990s, doing readings at a variety of literary festivals. 2007 was a break year, but this year she is working on a podiobook of Amnar: Book One and discovering the joys of reading her own fiction out loud. She can mostly be found at a Starbucks or a bar in the city centre where she lives.

Over the next few weeks, she is going into the studio to record an audiobook version of her first novel, Amnar: Book One. The blog and Facebook Page will track the progress of the recording all the way from the first production of the scripts to the final release on March 1st, 2008. From then on, the book will be available to download in weekly segments from iTunes and her new website. For more information, check the blog for updates.

Contact information: You can follow Isabel Joely Black’s work and communicate with her through her Facebook Page, or for fans of Amnar, you can join the Group.

You can also access the blog directly through this link:

Thank You Joely for allowing us access to your writings and your blog. and hopefully make use of them to support others. 


Like animals – want a smile?

November 23, 2007

Have a look at the site following the link below.   Please note that SpeakEasy does not accept responsibilty for the content of linked sites, and welcomes any comments that express concern about content.

Addy’s blog

November 13, 2007

Addy introduces his blog as follows: 

I suffer from chronic depression.
It is an illness I have fought on/off for over 10 years. Tired of hiding, lying and pretending I have decided to open myself up to the world; scars, tears, smiles and all.
Everything about me can be found on this blog.

Well worth a read.