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Disability Advice Project

February 25, 2008

The Disability Advice Project is a Torfaen based charity that serves the needs of disabled people, their families and carers in our community and surrounding areas of Torfaen, South-East Wales.

The Disability Advice Project covers the surrounding areas of Torfaen such as Blaenau Gwent, Caerphilly, Monmouthshire and Newport.

The Project is an independent charity that is a member of DIAL UK and affiliated to SCOPE. This status means we can operate without the expensive and time-consuming bureaucracy of a national charity and yet we are able to utilize their experience and expertise when needed. The Project is run by a group of volunteers who either have the experience of being a disabled person or of caring for a disabled person. This innate knowledge combined with a continuous training programme has created a committed group of individuals with a considerable expertise in all disability issues but particularly welfare rights and access auditing. There is a charge to service providers for our auditing and training service, with all monies being reinvested into the Project to fund our free welfare rights work for individual clients. We are also dependent on donations from our clients and any other individuals, as we do not receive funding from local government.

Since April 1999, we have represented over 300 people at disability benefit tribunals, with only 20% being unsuccessful. We have dealt with up to 250 enquiries in one month. We achieved the Investors in People standard in March 2001 (one of only 3 voluntary organisations in the UK and the first in Wales) and were awarded the Community Legal Service Quality Mark in January 2002. Both awards have subsequently been maintained.

In 2000 the project was awarded a Wales Training Award and in 2005 was the winner of a National Training Award at a UK level.


South East Wales LGB Forum and Blog

September 7, 2007

The South East Wales LGB Forum is in the process of developing a web presence which we hope will become an active space for community information sharing and discussion. We really want people to feel involved, so do let us know if you have any comments and feel free to link to the site and send us any relevant links/news/events we’ve omitted to add.

We’ve also started a Forum blog. This will function as an online newsletter to keep people informed about Forum activities, local events and up-to-date news of interest to LGBT communities in SEWales. There’s a comment facility and you can also send us information which we’ll post there for you.

South East Wales LGB Forum

June 12, 2007

The South East Wales LGB Forum works to empower lesbian, gay and bisexual people by enabling them to voice their needs and concerns in relation to service provision. This blog aims to create a space for discussion and to keep LGB people updated on relevant local and national issues.

This Forum and blog includes the LGB residents of Monmouthshire.

Workplace Bullying and harrassment

February 9, 2007

In response to those who are distressed and asking for support, but don’t want to be identified, then take action to protect yourself by trying at least the following:

Look at the ACAS internet site (Arbitration, Conciliation,Advisory Service) – it has all manner of advice and guidance for employees who are in difficulty – I will put a link on this site tonight;

Look at Health Minds in Work – and then contact them by ‘phone.   They WILL advise and help you and I will put a link on this site tonight;

Look at Just Fight On – link is on this site under Links – contact them.

Don’t let your worries go on any longer – take action in the morning – and talk with a trusted friend and accept support.  

Finally, if you are a user of mental health services or a carer, then contact a mental health advocate in your area – they will help you or support you in finding help.


Singing from the same Hymnsheet?

November 16, 2006

The Report on the Pan-Gwent Mental Health Service User Involvement event – held in Newport on 20th July 2006 – is now available to anyone who attended, or who would like to read the findings and summary.   Reports on the Workshops, involving delegates from Blaenau Gwent, Monmouthshire, Newport and Torfaen are included as are summaries of the Presentations.   If you would like an electronic or paper copy please e-mail: – who will be pleased to send you one.