1.   Disagreement with published Comment is fine.   You are encouraged to put forward your thinking and ideas, and others may comment or disagree with what is written – just as they may support it and expand on it.    

2.   Civility to everyone is essential.   Resorting to insult or abuse does not help or encourage others, or help reach understanding.  Comments that are felt to be racist, mysogynistic, homophobic, or personally offensive, or which include disrespectful language will be deleted. 

3.   Please give yourself a name – use a made up name if you prefer.   It is very difficult to sort out anonymous comments if there are many of them.   When you put in a Comment you will be asked to register a name and e-mail address.   The name can be fake – and that is all anyone else will be able to see – except for the Moderator who can see your e-mail address, which has to be genuine.   This is for the protection of everyone using the Blog.  

4. Remember to be concise if possible. Short posts are welcome. 


One Response to “Guidelines”

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