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If you already know how to Blog – then just go for it. If you are new or uncertain, then first think about whether you want to post comments in your real name, or chose a fake name for yourself. And decide. You are already in the main page.   On the right are categories that have already been written to.   (There are many other categories possible but these will not show until someone has written something for them)   If you want to comment on a category that is showing, then click on it and follow the page instructions.   Do not be worried that you can do any harm to this Blog.   Nothing gets published until the Moderator has seen it- so you can do no harm. 

There is a 'button' on the home page names Categories.  It contains a list of the categories to which you will be able to write once you or someone has started them off.   If you want to be the first person then you will need to choose your category and then close the Blog and go to your Word programme.  

Write your piece in Word and send it by e-mail to me at and I will then be able to put it onto the Blog for you.   Once the category is on the front page or in the archives section, then others, including you, can access it from the main page of the Blog.    It’s that easy.    One last thing – try to keep to the subject of the category you have chosen so that it doesn’t start to ramble through other subjects.   If there is more than one issue it is simpler to write an extra piece under another category. Categories for you to choose are temporaily on the page named Categories.   As they are written to then this list will be removed.  (if you have additional ideas for categories, then please e-mail me.)  


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