Just Fight On…Bullying at Work.

Breaking News!! Nick Hanning will be running a seminar on March 28th in London on Legal Remedies for Bullying & Harassment at Work.The details are still be announced but we can tell you Bill Majrowski has also agreed to talk about his experience of going through the court process as high as the House of Lords.

JFO will receive all profits from this exclusive event. Full details and booking information will be sent out shortly.




One Response to “Just Fight On…Bullying at Work.”

  1. John Tymon Says:

    I have only picked this up on the internet today. I am trying to represent my daughter in an ET on 23 Feb 2009. Although she is a Unison Member and a Unison work place representative in a NHS London Hospital she does not trust Unison to do the best job for her given that Unison too was accused of bullying and lost an ET to an employee.

    I don’t know if i’d be better off to withdraw her case and take it to the County Court, where I’d have more time to prepare, and a chance of getting legal aid.

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